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hello, this is a little section with tutorials, mostly by me i guess but not all bc i can't explain nothing even if my life depends on it (‾◡◝)

page tut

this can be done with pro plus, standard, etc bc you just need a embed!drop-shadow:• first add your embed• between <style> and </style> you need to add the id #main not page, not body.• open your brackets { add the drop-shadow CSS and close your brackets }• the final code must be looking like this:<style> #main { box-shadow: CSS; } </style>

background• the same step as before but between your brackets you need to add:background-image: url('URL');• by default, the background image will be repeat by itself (if it is smaller than your page) and if that's not the case you can add:background-repeat: repeat;• but if you don't want your background image to repeat, add, instead:background-repeat: no-repeat;• other property values for background image:background-repeat: repeat-x; bg img is repeated only horizontallybackground-repeat: space; there's a white space between the imgs while the first and last imgs are pinned to their respectively sides.background-repeat: round; here the bg imgs are squished/stretched to fill the space.• so your final code must be looking like this:<style> #main { background-image: url('mariposa.gif'); background-repeat: no-repeat; } </style>more about background image and background-repeat Property